Frequently Asked Questions


What is padel?

A cross between tennis and squash, padel is the fastest-growing sport in the world! Basic gameplay and scoring are the same as tennis, but with the ability to hit the ball off of the wall (as long as it bounces first).

Is this pickleball?

Padel is not pickleball.

Padel is more dynamic due to the surface area and nature of the sport. It has the versatility of tennis, intensity of squash, and pace of pickleball.

Whats is the difference between racquet heads?
  • Round - Versatile/offer greater control best for beginners since the balance is well distributed, materials are softer and more comfortable.
  • Diamond - Offer more power but less control. Best for more advanced players, materials are more solid and heavy.
  • Teardrop - Combined benefits from both round/diamond shapes. Tend to be most popular since they offer max versatility.
What is your rating system, and how do I get rated?

To obtain a rating, download the app and set up a profile.

Once you’ve set-up your account go to your profile tab and you should see a “Get Rated” option which will prompt a questionnaire to assign you your initial rating. Complete the brief questionnaire as accurately as possible to obtain your initial rating.

Please note: any players not answering the questionnaire properly will be adjusted in rating by our coaching staff.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

In addition to booking discounts and priority access to court reservations and programming, Padel Haus members are invited to enjoy a more social experience at our clubs. You can learn more about member benefits here!

I don’t have any equipment, can I rent it at the club?

Yes, we have rackets for rent and we sell the balls, shoes and cool merch in the pro shop!

How can I improve my rating?

You can improve your rating by setting up Official Matches within the app. Our dynamic rating system will then update your rating depending on the match results.

Are there changing rooms and showers available at the club?

Yes, all guests have access to our changing rooms which have showers and other essential toiletries.

Do you have wifi available at the club?

Yes we do, many of our members use our lounge areas as co-working space during our off-peak hours!

Is there a dress code?

We do not have a strict dress code, but sportswear is mandatory for all players in addition to tennis shoes with decent tread and a low drop.


How do I book a court?

Create an account on our app or online to create your reservation today!

Do I have to be a member to play?

Padel Haus is not a members-only club and non-members are more than welcome to reserve court time, clinics, and programming.

What is Open play?

Open play nights allow players of similar-skill levels to play against one another in a series of organized round robin matches.

What are Game Matches?

Game matches are opened through the app, it's a great way to get four people from a same or similar rating to start a match! You don't have to have three friends to play and will meet some great people.

How do I set up Game Matches?

To set up a game match simply download the app, (make sure you have a verified rating already) book your court time, enable game match and set the rating range which will allow others with the same or similar rating to join your match!

What if my Game Match does not fill?

If Game Match is enabled and four players do not join a reservation, the club will endeavor to have someone of an adequate skill level available to play.

If this is not possible, the match will be cancelled prior to its scheduled time and all players will reimbursed the court booking fee in Club Credits.

If you cancel a Game Match reservation yourself, however, you will be responsible for the total court booking fee.

What are Official Matches?

Official matches are games where the final score is recorded and impacts the player's ratings. It's crucial that all participants are aware it's an official match before it begins and that everyone consents to it.

How do I set up Official Matches?

Official matches are set up just like regular matches or game matches, once everyone agrees to make it an official match there is an option on the reservation to make it an official match.

I’m just visiting for a few days, how can I find people to play with that are my level?

Simply download the app, create a profile and answer a quick questionnaire that will give you a rating and join matches and clinics!

Do we need to have 4 people to book a court?

Padel is a doubles-only game, and as such we ask that all four people are on the court during our peak times.

No partner? No problem! Create and join open matches and open plays to play against people of a similar level, and meet other padel enthusiasts.

I’m looking to host a private event, who should I contact?

Submit an events inquiry here, or reach out to!

Padel Haus Clinics

How do I book clinics?

Clinics are scheduled weekly, you can check the calendar on the app and see if there is a clinic for your level that works for you!

Can I book a clinic for more than one person at a time?

Clinics have a max capacity of four people, everyone has to have a profile and a verified rating to join.

Do you offer private lesson?

Yes! Private Lessons are a great opportunity to have a one on one with a pro, you can also do private lessons with up to three friends!

How do I book private lessons?

For private lesson inquiries please email our Padel Haus Academy at

What is your cancellation policy?

Padel Haus has a strict cancellation policy.

Players will be responsible for the total court booking fee for cancellations made less than 24 hours before the time of a reservation. Please add all other players to your booking to ensure your account is not charged the entire amount.

Please Note:
By clicking book, you are paying the individual court booking fee for yourself and for any other players added by you who you have selected to ‘include payment’. The total court booking fee will always reflect the sum of individual court booking fees for all four players.

If no other players are added as part of your booking or checked in at the time of your reservation, you will be responsible for the total court booking fee for yourself plus three nonmembers and charged accordingly during peak hours.

Off-peak hours are Monday - Friday from 9AM to 4PM.

I don’t have a partner, can I still play?

If your game match does not fill, we will try our best to get someone to play with you, but if not we will notify you in advance and you will receive a full refund to club credits.

Do you offer any programs for children?

Yes! All programming is shown on the app.


Gift Cards

How to purchase

If you’re interested in a physical gift certificate, feel free to stop by either of our locations between the hours of 7am and 10pm and we’ll be more than happy to help you!

If you’re interested in digital credit, we’ll need to set up an account for the giftee if they do not have one. To do this, we get on the phone and purchase Club Credits in the amount you wish to give, we’ll need the following information about the giftee to create their account:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number

Feel free to give us a call at 917.970.0036 between the hours of 8am and 10pm, and we can get the process started.

Club Credits

How to purchase

In the app go to your profiletop right cornerpaymentsclub creditsselect amount of funds to addselect credit card and add the funds to your club credits.

How to redeem

Take 7-10 days to process back to the card on file.

How to view

In the app go to your profiletop right cornerpaymentsclub creditsCurrent credits balance.


Take 7-10 days to process back to the card on file.


What should I wear?